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LIVE Updates from Day 2 of the 2013 CARIFTA Games, featuring the 200m finals, and the highly anticipated 4x100m relays. Bahama Live is on location bringing you live updates.

  • Day two expected to be as 'sensational' as day one 

    Saturday competition at the 2013 CARIFTA Games in Nassau, Bahamas ended with the sensational win by Anguilla competitor Zharnel Hughes in the Under-20 Boys 100m. In a shocking upset, Hughes held off Jazeel Murphy of Jamaica to take the gold in 10.44 seconds. Murphy is a three-time CARIFTA gold medallist. He was the favourite to win, but his 10.48s finish was only enough for second place. Tahir Walsh of Antigua & Barbuda ran 10.49 for third place.

    On Sunday, day two of the competition, the highly anticipated 4x100m finals will take place along with a host of other events. Bahama Live is on location to bring you live updates. 

  • Jamaica leads medal count by double digits on day two 

    The second day of the 42nd annual 2013 CARIFTA Games started with Jamaica surging ahead in the medal count with an impressive collection of 27 medals.

    The rankings were compiled following the conclusion of this morning’s session of the games which showed the defending champions with a clear lead.

    Jamaica, currently in first place in both quantity and quality of medals, has picked up eight gold, ten silvers, and nine bronze.

    Their closest competitor is host country, the Bahamas, who has 11 medals, two of them gold, five silvers and four bronze.

    However, Trinidad and Tobago have only three medals, all of which are gold, which puts them above the Bahamas in the medal charts due to quality.

    Other medal country’s ranking behind the top three nations, based on medal quality, is Guyana with two golds and two bronze (4), Barbados with two gold (2), Grenada with one gold and two bronze (3) and Suriname with a gold and silver (2). 

    Gaudelope and Anguilla both have gold medals and the British Virgin Islands has four medals evenly split between silver and bronze. Curaco and St Lucia are the final countries with a medal. Both have a silver medal.

    The medal rankings will quickly change as there is still competition to go in the evening session of the second day of competition. Medals with be up for grabs in seven field events, ten track events and the pentathlon and heptathlon for girls and boys respectively.

  • Official CARIFTA 2013 Medal Count (as of Sunday afternoon, March 31 )

    1. Jamaica 27
    2. Bahamas 11
    3. British Virgin Islands 4
    4. Guyana 4
    5. Bermuda 2
    6. Trinidad and Tobago 3
    7. Barbados 2
    8. Suriname 2
    9. Grenada 3
    10. Curacao 1
    11. Guadeloupe 1
    12. Anguilla 1
    13. Antigua 1
    14. St Lucia 1
  • Coming up in the afternoon session of day two: 4x100m semis and finals, 200m semis and finals, 300m and 400m hurdle finals, 3000m finals, the pentathlon 800m and the 1500m heptathlon. Currently on the field is the Under-17 boys high jump. 
  • Barbados predicts more medals coming in CARIFTA hurdles

    When the hurdle events kick off on day two of the 2013 BTC CARIFTA Games, the Barbados team is expecting to have its best performances at the new Thomas A Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas.

    According to sprint and hurdle coach Alwyn Babb, the technical sprinting events have become areas of specialty for Barbados.

    "I believe that based on the history of hurdles, and what Barbados has done at the CARIFTA Games and internationally that we are going to give a good challenge and most of our medals will come in those hurdle events," said coach Babb.

    Thus far, Barbados has struck gold twice in the Under 20 Girls Long Jump and the Under 17 Boys 100m dash, even though they brought a small contingent of athletes in the field events.

    Akela Jones had a best jump of 6.19m (20'-3.75") to win gold for Barbados; placing second was Tamara Moncrieffe of Jamaica with a distance of 6.01m (19'-8.75"). Third was Claudette Allen, also of Jamaica matching her compatriots leap of 6.01m.

    Coach Babb was delighted with one of his predictions coming to fruition as Mario Burke took gold in the 100m dash. Burke clocked 10.61 seconds. In second place was Keanu Pennerman of the Bahamas in 10.85 seconds, with Jelani Walker of Jamaica third in a time of 10.93 seconds.

  • Tight race in girls pentathalon

    With most attention fixed on the glamorous sprinting events at the 2013 CARIFTA Games, the competitiveness of the Open Girls Pentathlon has gone unnoticed. On Sunday morning the long jump event got underway in the multi-discipline event.

    Miquel Roach of the Bahamas won the long jump with a distance of 5.59m (18'-4.25"), and a wind gauge reading of 3.5 (above the legal wind limit). Roach earned 726 points, which placed her in second place overall in the pentathlon with a total of 2,684 points.

    Gleneve Grange of Jamaica finished second in the long jump with a bound of 5.52 metres (18'-1.50") earning 706 points. However, Grange is still the overall pentathlon leader with 2,896 points and just one more event to go. 

    Chelsey Linton of Dominica was third in the long with a distance 5.33 metres (17'-6") earning 651 points. Linton was also third overall in the pentathlon standings with a total of 2,565.  Andriel Strachan of the Bahamas, Julianne Dorothal of Aruba and Amelia Gillespie of the Cayman Islands are also in medal contention. They are fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the pentathlon standings.

    The 800 metres will be the climatic event of the Open Girls Pentathlon, which is scheduled for Sunday evening. 
  • The 200m heats are about to start on the track at the 2013 CARIFTA Games. The top three athletes from heat one and two will advance along with the next two fastest times.

    Heat 1 Prelims
    1 Geerman, Lixandra Aruba
    2 Frederic, Esther Haiti
    3 Huggins, Nelda British Virgin I
    4 Clarke, Shellece Jamaica
    5 Bethel, Brianne Bahamas
    6 Samuels, Avon Guyana
    7 McIntosh, Quashira US Virgin Island
    8 Sauver, Helcyanna Turks & Caicos

    Heat 2 Prelims
    1 Forbes, Sanadia Turks & Caicos
    2 Ambrose, Jenae Bahamas
    3 Mitchell, Chelsea Grenada
    4 Mitchell, Tirana Guyana
    5 Whyte, Natalliah Jamaica
    6 Sage, Britney US Virgin Island
    7 Lambert, Axelle Martinique
    8 Rossen, Kim Curacao
  • Shellece Clarke of Jamaica was thrown out of the 200m semi due to a false start. #cariftalive #carifta2013. The race was originally held up because of the noise from the high jump.
  • Nelda Huggins of the Brtish Virgin Islands led from start to finish and won in 24.77s ahead of Quashira McIntosh of US Virgin in 24.88s. Bahamian Brianne Bethel was third in 25.73s. They await the next heat to see who will join them in tomorrow's final.
  • US College Scout Dorian Scott, Florida State University

    "I am looking for whoever performs best under this type of  pressure. We don’t want anybody that just wants to compete; we want people who want to excel under the lights. We are looking for that first  then we are just trying to make sure the coaches are educated on what it takes to get the kids in school as far as grades and SATs and things of that nature are concerned. We want to make sure the kids see Florida State and think of Florida State. It is against NCAA rules to discus recruits directly but from each country everyone has someone brilliant so we are just recognising their brilliance and trying to expose what they have."
  • The boys are in the blocks waiting for the start gun. This is the first of three heats in the Under-17 Boys 200m. The top two in each and two fastest losers advance to tomorrow's final.
  • Jamaica's Jaheel Hyde sped away from his competitors clocking 22.08s ahead of Guyana's Jason Yaw (22.39s) and Bermuda's Kionje Somner (22.99s) in heat one of the boys under-17 boys.
  • Ken Mullings of the Bahamas, one of three competitors still left in the Under-17 boys high jump.

  • The finish line the first heat of the Under-17 girls 200m prelims.

  • CARIFTA athletes post fast times for 1500m

    Saturday Recap: In the first day of competition at the 2013 CARIFTA Games, athletes competing in the Under-17 boys and girls 1500m proved the Caribbean’s prowess in the middle distance track events, posting strong times in the final rounds of competition.

    Although though no records were broken, Cassey George of Guyana stole the show with a gold-medal performance in the Under 17 Girls 1500m with a time of 4:36.67. Finishing second was Faheemah Kyrah Scraders of Bermuda in 4:39.43, with Britnie Dixon of Jamaica third in 4:47.45.

    In the Under 17 boys division, Javuaney James of Jamaica won with a time of 4:06.63, with compatriot Shevon Parks second in a time of 4:7.50. Finishing third was a CARIFTA rookie from the Bahamas, Benjamin Nejma in a time of 4:17.52.

    Guyana earned their second gold for the games in the Under-10 girls 1500m after Jevina Straker crossed the finish line first in 4:43.27. Following a few strides behind in second place was Vaness Philbert of Curacao in 4:47.97, with Lisa Buchanan of Jamaica third in 4:52.21.

    Mark London of Trinidad and Tobago just missed a sub-four minute clocking in the Under 20 Boys. He crossed the finish line in a time of 4:01.07 to take first place. The race was a fight to the finish, but Marbeq Edgar of St. Lucia had to settle for second place with a time of 4:01.75. Finishing third was Chadoye Dawson of Jamaica in 4:04.14.

  • The second heat of the boys U-17 200m featured 100m silver medalists Keanu Pennerman of Bahamas and U-17 400m champion, Martin Manely of Jamaica. Manely channeled his inner Usain Bolt and blew away the field by more than half a second. He stopped the clock in 22.12s, ahead of the 22.70s ran by BVI Kryon McMaster and the 22.90s ran by Pennerman. #cariftalive #carifta2013
  • Suriname just claimed gold in the U-17 boys high jump, beating the Bahamas and Jamaica who claimed silver and bronze respectively.

  • Barbados is looking to double medal in the 100/200m after Mario Burke, the U-17 100m champion, won his heat easily in 22.02s, ahead of Bahamas' Kinard Rolle (22.28s) and Cayman's Jamal Walton (22.72s). #carifta2013 #cariftalive
  • The Thomas A Robinson Stadium erupted in a frenzy when Shaunae Miller, the CARIFTA 400m champion lined up for her 200m heat in the Under-20 girls. She eased to the finish line to win in 23.67s ahead of Jamaica's Kedisha Dallas 24.51s. #carifta2013 #caiftalive
  • "I feel good about the crowd and just came to give them a good performance and get into the final," said Shaunae Miller after her 200m heat.
  • In this next heat, last year's U-20 200m silver medalist from Jamaica, Shericka Jackson will go head to head with this year's U-20 100m silver medalist, Carmeisha Cox from the Bahamas.
  • Jackson proved why she was a finalist in last year's World Junior Championships, jogging to the finish line in a victorious 23.68s ahead of Cox's 24.58s. Trinidad's Ailiyah Telesfor was third in 24.83s. Ariel Jackson from Barbados clocked 24.56s to win the final of three heats in the U-20 girls 200m.
  • Shaunae ‘the gazelle’ has one colourful fan

    Many CARIFTA fans turned out on Saturday afternoon at the 2013 CARIFTA Games in Nassau, Bahamas, with colours of the Caribbean decorating the new Thomas A. Robinson Track & Field Stadium from end-to-end.

    "I will be out here every day: morning and night, I'll be here," said Ambrose Smith, a Bahamian spectator dressed from head-to-toe in Bahamian regalia.

    "I don't miss any track events. Never! Swimming or track, I'm always there," he said.

    Living up to his word, Smith was back out in full uniform for the evening session.

    “I know quite a few of the athletes here, especially Shaunae Miller, my gazelle. She runs like a gazelle," said Smith with a chuckle.

  • Ambrose Smith, a Bahamian spectator and fan of Shaunae Miller

  • The first of three heats in the U-20 boys 200m just concluded. Last year's bronze medalist from the Bahamas, Teray Smith clashed with Jamaica's Odail Todd, a world junior finalist.Todd eased to the line ahead of Smith, clocking 21.36s for the victory. Smith ran 21.45s ahead of Trinidad's Jereem Richards in 21.54s. #cariftalive #carifta2013
  • The second heat is about to begin with the upset 100m champion from Anguilla, Zharnel Hughes, taking on Jamaica's Jevaughn Minzie and the Bahamas' Andrew Wells.
  • Minzie takes it ahead of Huges in 21.18s to advance to the finals. Hughes clocked 21.41s for second ahead of Wells who ran 22.38s for third.
  • Troy Long of the Cayman Islands was just disqualified for a false start in the third heat of the 200m heats, Under-20 boys. #cariftalive #carifta2013
  • Watching the Carifta Games is so exciting a swear!
  • Hats off to Ken Mullings on his silver medal at the carifta games. Eulease I know you are a very proud mother today.
  • Concluding the 200m semifinals, St Lucia's Jovan Stephen just won the last heat in 21.55s ahead of Trinidad's Jonathan Farin in 21.91s.
  • Jamaica's Jaheel Hyde in the 200m semifinals.

  • Courney Missick, Keanu Penneran and Martin Manely in the 200m semifinals, Under-17 boys.

  • Medal presentation 

    There is a medal presentation going on right now for the U-17 girls 100m. Bahamas' Devynne Charlton and Carmeisha Cox along with Jamaica's Monique Spencer are now walking on the field to receive their medals for a spectacular conclusion to the U-20 Girls 100m finals. The stadium is booming with applause for the gold, silver and bronze medalists.
  • Anguilla's Zharnell Hughes received his gold medal on the podium for his victory in the 100m final.

  • The U-17 girls 300m hurdles final is coming up with eight athletes representing five Caribbean countries: Guadeloupe, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. The three latter countries have two competitors each filling lanes three through eight.

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    The sounds of Junkanoo music are blasting through the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium during the Sunday night session of the 2013 CARIFTA Games. 
  • Austin Sealey winner sees bright future for new talent

    Saturday RecapBahamian Olympian Lavern Eve has earned the esteemed CARIFTA Games Austin Sealey Award twice: in 1982 and 1983. The honour is given to the Most Outstanding Athlete of the Games.

    During the morning session on Saturday, Eve attended the Games as coach for 14 year old Travis Ferguson. He earned a silver medal for Team Bahamas in Javelin, the same event that took Eve to the Olympics.

    "I would say that I've been working with him on and off since January. He's basically a baseball player, so he comes when he's not playing or he's doesn't have a practice. On a consistent basis we haven't been working together like that. It's just when he gets the time to come out," Eve shared candidly.

    Nonetheless, Eve and Ferguson have proven to have good chemistry. Ferguson threw the javelin a distance of 58.76m for a silver medal finish in his first appearance at the CARIFTA Games.

    Ferguson’s experience as a baseball pitcher made for a natural transition into track and field arena, allowing him to be seen as a potential Olympic javelin thrower. Impressed with his raw abilities, Eve thinks Ferguson needs a little fine tuning to complement what he already brings to the sport.

    "He has a fast arm, a very fast arm. I think he's going to do well because he has the right frame of mind. He's usually relaxed and he knows what he has to do. But, I don't want to put too much pressure on him. There's just little technical stuff that he really needs to do to get the javelin to go even further," said Eve.

    Ferguson started the championships on Saturday with a personal best throw of 52m. He improved by just over six metres with his second place throw of 58.76m.

  • Coach Lavern Eve and Javelin medalist Travis Ferguson.

  • Competitors in the Under-20 girls 200m semifinals

  • The girls are finally off in the U-17 girls 300m hurdles final. Coming around the curve now. #cariftalive #carifta2013
  • Late surge secures win in 300m hurdles
    Trinidad's Jemenise Parris zoomed past Jamaica's Patrice Moody to take the U-17 girls 300m hurdles.
    It seemed as if Moody and her teammate were going to make it a 1-2 finish, but Parris stopped that with a late surge and won in 43.24s. Moody clocked 43.73s and Tristan Evelyn of Barbados broke up the 2-3 Jamaica party with a 44.84s run for third.
  • The U-20 girls 400m hurdles is up next with five athletes competing for three countries: Bahamas (2), Jamaica (2) and Barbados. They will be running in lanes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The record for this event stands at 56.61s, set by Jamaica's Camille Robinson in 2003.
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